Pixar Adds a Storytelling Class to Its Khan Academy Lineup


A couple years ago, Khan Academy and Pixar teamed up for Pixar in a Box, a series of courses meant to show off how Pixar gets things done. They’ve expanded their initial offering quite a bit since launch, and now they’ve added a storytelling section.

As you’d expect, the first course is an introduction, running through some basic concepts of drafting stories, plotting, and world building. Next up will be a closer look at characters. This joins the already robust set of free classes in Pixar in a Box, including courses on 3D character modeling, virtual cameras, and color science. Of course, while Pixar has always been great from a technical point of view, it’s their stories that often set them apart from the rest, so this new course is a welcome sight. You can check it out for free over at Khan Academy.

The Art of Storytelling | Khan Academy


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